我们的汽车运输服务支持整个进出口过程, 为运输部件和车辆提供价值. We support car transportation companies and individuals, 航运 parts safely and securely.


美国韩亚航空公司是世界上领先的汽车运输公司之一. 我们理解全球对更清洁、更好的汽车零部件的需求带来的挑战. 我们也了解运输一辆汽车需要什么,尤其是与之配套的物流 航运长途 往返于美国.

That’s why ob欧宝体育平台 provides inbound and outbound logistics support to car 航运 companies for a faster, 价格合理的汽车零部件运输解决方案.

我们公司提供优质的客户服务. 我们与您一起寻找一个解决方案,提供一个公平的运输价格, 无论你是进口还是出口零件.

我们的航运和物流专家提供端到端的解决方案, 包括包装, 分布, 航运, 和存储. Every effort is made to ensure that auto parts are protected during transport to avoid any damage. This protection helps keep your costs down and reduce insurance claims made against your business.

As a comprehensive logistics provider, we can offer 航运 by air, ocean, rail, and truck. We can also arrange drayage services to warehouses or to the final destination for products.

Our network of partners across the world ensures that your auto part shipment keeps moving, 即使在恶劣的天气条件下, 或者面对其他后勤挑战时.


运输车辆部件可能会带来一些挑战, 特别是当你在进行国际进口或出口时. 需要克服的障碍包括:

  • Fragile parts ― Must be protected, even when they’re shipped with larger, more robust pieces.
  • Irregularly-shaped items ― Can pose a problem when placed in standard-sized cartons and must be planned differently.
  • 容易划伤的项目-Chrome, 定制的油漆, and other parts that need special handling and care are especially difficult to pack and transport.
  • Unevenly weighted items ― Can pose issues for lifting and moving logistics when one side of a part is heavier than the other.
  • 又大又重——许多汽车部件可重达几百磅, 从海运到拖运的包装和运输有哪些挑战.


Importing and exporting auto parts across international borders requires the payment of duties and taxes at destination ports. To ensure your shipment passes through customs quickly and hassle-free, we can handle the entire ob欧宝体育平台清关 代表您进行流程.

Our customs brokerage services certify you’re paying the necessary duties according to any local customs and we can pay the duties on your behalf. 海关费用会根据几个因素而有所不同. 这包括你要运送到的国家, 运输货物的类型以及你是否在进口, 进口了多少.

港口也以不同的方式分类相似的货物,这可能会影响海关费用. Our customs broker services can help to classify and correctly price your shipment to ensure that you’re not overpaying. 我们与世界各国的客户、经纪人和托运人合作, 所以您可以放心,我们会妥善处理您的汽配货.

我们安排必要的文件, which informs customs officials at destination ports that duties and taxes and your auto parts shipment have been paid. 不完整或不正确的文书可能导致入境口岸的延误, 影响你的整个供应链,让客户不满.

We understand the documentation that is needed to ensure that your shipment passes through customs without delay. 我们可以代您填写并存档.

我们确保你的货物包含正确的文件. 这可能包括气道法案, 提单,或商业发票. 您可能需要包括保险证明或装箱单. 需要什么文件, we’ve got you covered to make sure that your shipment doesn’t experience any unnecessary delays.


总部设在洛杉矶, 我们是美国领先的汽车运输公司之一, 为汽车运输公司提供运输汽车零部件的战略合作伙伴关系. 作为值得信赖的汽车零部件运输公司, we offer an end-to-end solution for transporting all kinds of parts for different types of vehicle parts, 包括老爷车.

我们的汽车零件运输服务提供全面的货物保险,安心. 作为一个具有成本效益的替代其他汽车零部件托运人, 我们为汽车零部件和车辆提供定制的运输解决方案.

我们与汽车零部件运输公司建立长期的客户关系, 当我们成为他们供应链中不可或缺的一部分时,哪些对他们有利. 我们和你们合作得越多, 我们越了解您的运输和物流需求和挑战.

这使我们能够帮助您简化供应链,使其更有效率, 并避免在发货给客户时出现延误. We work with you to develop an effective 航运 strategy that reduces your costs and improves shipment times.

We have helped many car parts companies overcome a series of 航运 and logistical challenges. 我们理解货物要按时、按预算、完好无损地到达需要付出的代价.

Our team goes beyond just 航运 your goods; we aim to understand your business inside and out, 这就是我们重视沟通和客户服务的原因. 我们与您合作,共同应对国际贸易的复杂性. 我们还可以帮助您制定适合您的业务的运输策略, 你的员工, 和你的客户.

在经济不稳定时期, 你需要一个稳定的运输伙伴,以促进更好的国际贸易. Our elite teams have the knowledge and skills to guarantee your company gets a world-class automobile 航运 service. We offer reliability, consistency, and flexibility to give you the best possible solutions.


美国韩亚航空公司以优质的客户服务而闻名. 我们可以让您的供应链管理和物流更加高效和可持续. We offer fully-transparent services, and communication is the foundation of everything we do.

Our team is available around the clock to guarantee that your shipment keeps on moving and to respond to any questions or concerns you may have. 我们的许多代理商在世界各地的目的地城市工作, 协助监控你的出货进度.

如果你方货物可能延误的话, 我们会通知你, 但请放心,我们的团队正在努力克服任何出现的挑战. We believe in building strong customer relationships, and central to this is effective communication.

你永远不会被排除在外. We actively encourage you to stay in touch with us via phone or email to track your shipment. 我们甚至使用最新的, 创新的技术,使您可以跟踪您的货物,并检查在线更新, 给你完全的透明度.

Our modern systems enable you to view your supply chain at a glance and react to any problems quickly and conveniently, 使您的操作更容易管理. We make 航运 and logistics hassle-free because we can customize our service to suit the specific needs of your business.

我们可以随着您业务的增长和您的运输需求的变化调整我们的解决方案. 这让你比你的对手有竞争优势,因为你总是领先一步, 始终如一地为客户提供服务.


ob欧宝体育平台 has decades of 航运 and logistical experience and a network that spans the globe. This ensures a faster, more efficient, and cost-effective solution for freight forwarding. 我们提供一个长期的合作伙伴关系,以满足您的航运要求.

美国韩亚航空公司有足够的人脉和经验来满足您的运输需求. 我们紧跟行业的变化,特别是ob欧宝体育平台和新技术. 这确保您在运输车辆部件时得到最好的服务.

有关我们如何帮助您或请求报价的更多信息,请致电 (855) 500-1808.



We have been dealing with the experts at ob欧宝体育平台 for many years in their California and China offices. 他们的代理人很有帮助, 体贴的, and detail-oriented and we confidently suggest their services to any company looking for specialized logistic and 航运 providers. Their agents patiently handle numerous information requests and react quickly to any questions concerning shipments we always have the impression that our business is a priority.

当你需要的时候,美国韩亚航空公司有礼貌的工作人员总是在那里. They exhibit a high level of professionalism in every interaction with their clients and respond promptly to any inquiry. 作为回头客, I highly recommend the services provided by ob欧宝体育平台 for anyone looking for a logistics company that is driven by efficiency and respect for the customer’s individual needs. Their endless efforts in catering to our logistics needs for the international export of our products are more than appreciated.

I enjoy working with the staff at ob欧宝体育平台 because I truly feel that my company’s needs are their focus. 无论我的团队在物流过程中有什么问题, 韩亚美国航空公司的一名代理有答案. 他们是各自领域的先驱, 他们的专业知识在他们高效的客户服务协议中是显而易见的.